Supporting our community

  • The next full council meeting will take place at 7pm Wednesday 4 October in the Brearly Room at the AMP.

Play Areas

The play areas are inspected once a week by Nuture who work for the Land Trust. If you should find anything which needs immediate attention, please take a picture and send to the Land Trust indicating in which play area the issue has arisen on specifying the site as Waverley -

Central Park play area

Central Park play area can be accessed off Derwent Chase and Leopold Way. It has a small football net, and play equipment for a range of ages. It is a self-contained area surrounded by a fence.

It usually has the Christmas tree donated by the Harworth Group and decorations organised by the Events team.

Young Children's play area

The Young Children's play area is just off Stephenson Way. It was initially built as a temporary play area for young children. It has become a very popular play area, the Harworth Group have incorporated it into the plans for Olive Lane. It is surrounded by a small hedge.

A picture locating the Young Children's play area off Stephenson's Way.

A picture locating the Young Children's play area off Stephenson's Way.

Waverley Park

The Waverley Park is still being developed and will run behind the Junior Academy for approximately 1.5 km and wend its way to the Lakes. It will have zoned areas with different features and is due to be completed in phases as the Waverley site grows.

Last updated: Thu, 15 Jul 2021 15:41