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Summary of Harworth event – 30 May 2023

Harworth event – 30 May 2023

The event consisted of many people from Harworth including their planning team, sewer infrastructure/ road adoption member, the architects, estates manager, olive lane lease manager, the project director for Highwall Park team, and the development manager for Olive Lane.

For those who could not make the event the information boards have been given to the WCC, and we will have them up at the Funday on 24 June being held in the WJA playground. The 'wearewaverley' website will be updated shortly by Harworth. If you attended the event, and you have more thoughts to add the email address is:

Key takeaways from the event;

Highfield Lane junctions - Currently all junctions have been built to highways specification. Harworth is concerned that incidents are occurring. They are paying for a separate organisation to assess all junctions off Highfield Lane. Once the report is received, they will discuss it with RMBC. Harworth wants to tackle all the junctions within their control following agreement from all parties.

Olive Lane - Harworth are keen to hear your views on what shop/ units you want, restaurants, coffee bars, gyms, nurseries, news agents, community centre, parcel pick-up points storage, ATM etc

There is less parking at Olive Lane, as it is envisaged that residents will walk to the shops.

Highwall Park -It will be built in stages for two reasons, one so part of it can be opened in stages and used, and two, some works need doing to the main sewer under it. Harworth is focussing on work in June which will enable the Bike Track to be opened at the end of the month.

Some additional parking is in the plan for parking at the top of Highwall Park, near Olive Lane. It will be used for employees of Olive Lane and people who visit the Lakes via Highwall Park.

Small park (Stephenson Way) -This was initially a temporary park, in response to resident's request this is being kept. Although closed off now for safety reasons, it is incorporated into the Skyhouse development, with Harworth providing all new play equipment.

Sewers -Some homes are on different sewer systems, because they have set capacity. Those sewers placed at the beginning of the development coming out of Highfield Square, running towards Highwall Park have deformed beyond South Yorkshire Waters levels of tolerance. Harworth will be fixing this over the next few years. It must be done before the roads can be adopted by RMBC. Work will commence at towards the end of June on this. Woodhouse View will be closed for about a month and residents immediately impacted should have been notified. Until the sewers are fixed, Highfield Lane cannot be adopted. In addition the RMBC road adoption officer, who has been working on this alongside Harworth is retiring this month.

GP practice -Planning permission was granted back in March 2022 for GP centre. Funding from central government had to be signed off. The initial groundworks have been completed. Work starts on the build in the summer.

WJA- Harworth offered the funding for the third form of the WJA to the Department for Education in 2022, but were turned down. RMBC must request the initial 5% contribution to start work on the next form, and this occurred in April 2023. The architects will now commence work on the next form, which will be sited at the WJA. The masterplan still has land put aside for a second primary school if the trigger points are met which were set in dialogue with Department for Education.

Land parcelswho owns what, can be found on the WCC website. It has been added as we are aware that parcels are owned by different developers, and it's not easy to be sure who to contact.

The Ward Councillors are invited to attend each monthly meeting the WCC holds. One of them has attended once in the last 18 months. Harworth and the WCC catch-up every other month and the outcomes are shared with resident's via the newsfeed on the website (which are shared to our Facebook page and also the Waverley forum) and at the monthly WCC meetings.

Posted: Wed, 31 May 2023 20:50 by Rachel Graham

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