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  • The next full council meeting will take place at 7pm Wednesday 4 October in the Brearly Room at the AMP.

Harworth Consultation Event 30 May 2:30-7pm AMP

A reminder that the Harworth Public Consultation Event is on Tuesday 30 May, starting at 2:30pm, until 7pm at the AMP, using the main entrance. It is a drop-in session. You can pop in between those times for 2 minutes, 10 minutes or longer. There will be some information boards with illustrations on them and timelines. People from Harworth are there to listen to you and answer your questions. They want your views about which shops you want in Olive Lane, how you will use the Community Centre and if you have a supermarket preference.

They will also be sharing information about the opening of the Bike Track, and presenting more details about Waverley / Highwall Park.

If you leave the event, and then think of something you wanted to mention, there will be an email address to send these comments to (it will be shared, when we have it). The website, 'wearewaverley' should be updated shortly after the event, and there will be several pages dedicated to the revised Olive Lane proposal in the local WAVE magazine in the early June issue.

The WCC will be given Harworth's information boards, and we will have them at the Funday on 24 June for everyone to look at, especially if they have not made the event, or want to talk about it with neighbours or family members.

Posted: Fri, 26 May 2023 13:04 by Rachel Graham

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