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  • The monthly meeting of the WCC will take place 7pm on Wednesday 1 February in the Brearley Room at the AMP.

Latest from Harworth and the Land Trust

The WCC meets with Harworth and the Landtrust every other month to discuss progress on different aspects of the Waverley development. Below is a summary of the October meeting;

Olive Lane - no new news

Waverley Park – Harworth are revisiting the plans which were drawn up a few years ago. They are aiming for a Park which is a beacon of outdoor space for Waverley residents and wildlife.

Bike Track – which is part of Waverley Park has been tarmacked and marking added to the 'learn to ride' section. However, the track is not connected to any access points. Harworth will add more trees and shrubs and add in access. They hope to have an open event on March/ April 2023 with key organisations who provided funding.

Damage to the fence around Central Park – Harworth are aware of the two incidents, one a hit and run, and the second a grocery delivery van reversed into the fence. The first will be fixed by the LandTrust, and the second will be an insurance claim. It is worth noting that the last insurance claim took several months to resolve.

LandTrust – as previously reported the LandTrust have taken on some green spaces from developers. It is anticipated that there will be a new 'who owns what' green space version available shortly

Grit bins – In the past developers have not removed the grit bins and left for residents to utilise. As the land is unadopted, RMBC are not responsible for refilling the grit bins. The few roads which are owned by RMBC, do not fulfil the gritting criteria. More information can be found here, including if you wish to become a snow warden.

In the meantime, the Landtrust agreed to refill these for a second year running.

Posted: Wed, 26 Oct 2022 16:41 by Rachel Graham

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