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  • The next monthly meeting of the WCC will take place 7pm on Wednesday 5 October at the Brearley Room at the AMP.

Latest from Harworth and the Land Trust

The WCC meet with Harworth and the Landtrust every other month to discuss progress on different aspects of the Waverley development. Below is a summary of last week's meeting.

Olive Lane - The Medical Centre planning application was granted earlier this year by RMBC. The NHS through a central government scheme is separately funding part of development too, which makes it slightly separate from other parts of the Olive Lane project. Harworth anticipates the ground to be broken on this project before Christmas this year, with the aim of the medical centre being completed by December next year

The mixed retail development is still in the planning system and awaits determination by RMBC. There have been late responses from consultees regarding the transport hub that arrived recently which require detailed reviews. In addition, the quotes for the build which were provided in January are out of date, and as with everything else costs are on the increase. Harworth, have reiterated their commitment to delivering Olive Lane as best as they can and as soon as they can, once planning permission is granted.

Power cut - Harworth was belatedly informed of the powercut caused by Howard Civil Engineering, which occurred on 23 August and impacted on all residents. They are in dialogue with Howard to discover how it happened and to ensure there is more communication with residents when unplanned incidents like this occur.

Green Spaces - Harworth is aware that some of the green spaces are less well kept than others and this is a source of frustration for them. In the majority of instances, the less well-kept areas are owned or maintained by others and are not under Harworth or the Land Trust's control or ownership.

In the first instance the house builders are responsible for the green spaces within their development area until completion of that development and handover to Harworth / Land Trust. Harworth have already taken on some green spaces from the house builders once the dead shrubs/ trees had been replaced. Harworth / Land Trust do not spend the management fee for the green spaces on areas of land which the house builders are responsible to maintain. However, Harworth has recently taken on the management of some green spaces from Barratts and the Land Trust now look after these areas on Highfield Square, Jolly Avenue, Derwent Chase and Oak Dene Way / Highfield Lane junction.

Traffic assessment - A traffic assessment was undertaken earlier this year to assess how the highways are being used by cyclist, pedestrians and vehicles. The last assessment was completed back in 2011, and Harworth wish to ensure that the peripheral junction improvements surrounding the estate, that the section 106 agreement requires, are fit for purpose a decade later.

Road adoptions - Highfield Lane has been resurfaced and is on maintenance. They are anticipating that RMBC will adopt the road by January 2023. This will mean, the developers can sequentially sort out drains, resurface their own roads and put these forward for adoption by RMBC. Adoption happens in a daisy-chain way, and until Highfield Lane, the main road running through the estate is adopted, the other roads stemming off it can't be adopted.

Railway station at Waverley - As you may be aware the plans for the railway station at Waverley have made it to the next funding stage. Harworth have ear-marked an area of land off Highfield Spring, but nothing has been set in stone.

Learn to Ride track - The plans, and the funding from British Cycling, for the track is quite well progressed. Harworth are expecting it to be accessible before Christmas, with a temporary access to the track while the earthworks for the rest of the park continue.


Throwline - The LandTrust are having a second throwline added near the Lakes this month. It will also be quite close to the bridge over the River Rother, so that should there be an unfortunate incident in either water environments, there is a throwline available.

Lakes works - Another drainage ditch will be added to the far end of the Lakes this Autumn. The LandTrust are hoping to add some more red shale to the path too but are experiencing issues sourcing the materials.

Litter picking receptacle - A sign for the collection point for the litter picking receptacle is on order.

In advance of these meetings, the Clerk liaises with the councillors and reviews the latest feeds on social media before pulling the agenda together. The WCC is meeting with Harworth and the Land Trust again on 13 October. If you wish to make suggestions on discussion topics, please do contact Rachel Clerk to the Council on

Posted: Thu, 08 Sep 2022 16:29 by Rachel Graham

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