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  • The next monthly meeting of the WCC will take place 7pm on Wednesday 5 April in the Brearley Room at the AMP.

RMBC's letter regarding school places at the WJA

The Community Council has been engaging with RMBC for action on the issue of lack of placements at the Waverley Junior Academy. We attended a cabinet meeting at Rotherham Town Council, wrote to Rotherham Council about how the calculations were made, and spoke with Harworth about this as well as one of the local MPs.

RMBC has written to the Community Council and the Waverley Junior Academy regarding the places in the school and the third form. The letter, with all the detail, is attached for you to read.

RMBC indicates that while the June 2022 section 106 agreement between them and Harworth may have moved the trigger points for a third form, the Department for Education will still have to approve the creation of additional capacity, and any places in the surrounding schools would have to be filled first. Page two of the letter refers to when the trigger points for funding might be met.

Posted: Thu, 04 Aug 2022 17:32 by Rachel Graham

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