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  • The next monthly meeting of the WCC will take place 7pm on Wednesday 6 July at the Brearley Room at the AMP.

Neighbourhood watch

There has been some recent interest in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme (NW) in Waverley. A Neighbourhood Watch scheme is one way that a community can pull together to address local crime, anti-social behaviour and other community problems. These schemes are usually run by residents and there lots of information on how to set on up can be found online -

As some of you may be aware this idea started back in the days of the original Residents Association and good progress was made to try and start a scheme.

Some ground work was already completed by a resident, who has now moved off the estate. There is already a whatsapp group called (Waverley Emergencies and a Facebook group (Waverley Watch Community Group)

In order to run a Waverley NW scheme it's needs a few residents to act as coordinators and run the scheme. If you want to take the initiative and move this forward, please contact Cllr Paul Norton by email before 31 May who will host a virtual meeting for those interested to kick things off.

Posted: Mon, 16 May 2022 16:09 by Rachel Graham

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