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Permissive path by the River Rother in Waverley

I know some residents have been unhappy over the last year or so with the closure of the Red Shale permissive path which runs parallel to 'Treeton footpath 8' alongside the River Rother.

I met with Harworth today and the good news is that the path should be finished and open again by Christmas. However, there is a planned swop over of the National Power Grid electricity supply from the overhead cables to the underground ones for 2 weeks c 25 October. For safety reasons Treeton footpath 8 will be closed as well as a further stretch of the redshale permissive path in the direction of Orgreave.

The delays have been around legal contracts, the sub-contractors availability and sourcing materials.

Posted: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 16:57 by Rachel Graham

Tags: News