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The temporary bus stops keep a ‘moving…

The WCC is aware that some of the temporary bus stops keep moving. This sadly is not a conscious decision by South Yorkshire Transport Passenger Executive (SYPTE) or any other travel related organisation. The temporary bus stops are being removed or relocated by persons unknown for their own merriment. This has led to local residents being left without an identifiable location to board and alight bus services in Waverley.

SYPTE have recently been given the go ahead to install permanent stops by RMBC. The locations will have to be agreed with Rotherham Council's Highways team, and this may take some time to determine the exact locations for the permanent stops and the costs and works involved. However, behind the scene SYPTE and RMBC are work as quickly as possible to get these stops installed.

Posted: Mon, 02 Aug 2021 14:53 by Rachel Graham

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