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Planning application - RB2021/0199

Planning application - RB2021/0199

As some residents will recollect the planning application for the development off Whittle Way was not welcomed by the residents living adjacent to it, especially off Sorby Row. Residents shared their views with the WCC in March. It supported their views and wrote to the RMBC planning team to object to the development.

The decision for the planning application is now available on the RMBC website. The development is going ahead as per the outline planning permission granted back in 2017, however, the arguments put forth by the WCC and the residents has clearly impacted on how the project will be delivered. This is a very positive outcome.

Specifically condition 18, 21 and 27 relate to the issues raised by residents and the WCC.

Condition 18 – a minimum 5 meter wide planting to buffer to Highfield Spring.

Condition 21 – sensitive lighting to the west and south of the site (ie towards the railway and nature corridor) to protect the local nature conservation.

Condition 27 – additional noise impact assessment required on the impact on the nearby residential properties.

The full decision can be read here at

Posted: Tue, 27 Jul 2021 10:37 by Rachel Graham

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