Supporting our community

  • The next monthly meeting of the WCC will take place 7pm on Wednesday 14 June in the Brearley Room at the AMP.

The Waverley Junior Academy was opened in 2020 in the midst of Coronavirus. Great efforts were made by the builders, teacher, parents and children to ensure this educational facility was ready to take the children in and start teaching.

The main entrance to the school for children is just off Cherry Wood Way.

The solar powered superbin which is also a defibrillator, is just off Highfield Lane near the school.

This can be found on the green space between Ashbourne Way and Whirlow Chapel Walk. It is the place where residents come to remember those who have lost their lives in war and in times of peace.

The Waverley Buds can be often found in the space between Highfield Lane and Lescar Road. This is an area for like-minded residents to enjoy being green fingered. As well as an open area for residents to enjoy.

In the Spring of 2021 the Royal Mail post box was opened for letters. It can be found on Lescar Road, at the end nearest Highfield Lane.

A Throw Bag was added to the Catcliffe Corner/ pond off Highfield Lane (close to the Catcliffe boundary) in Autumn 2021 as a safety precaution.

Many thanks to the local photographer and resident, Hayley Kirk for taking a few pictures.

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