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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a collection of questions gathered from residents, that we have answered.

Q1 – Why do we have a Community Council

A – Before the Waverley Community Council (WCC) commenced, the area was under two parish councils: Orgreave and Catcliffe. Monies were being collected through the council tax system and in some instances not proportionally spent on the residents in Waverley. Rotherham Borough Council undertook a review of the situation in the Spring of 2018. Nearly 75 per cent of people consulted (which included Orgreave, Catcliffe and Waverley residents) decided a new parish council should be created. Moving with the times and dropping the word parish, Waverley Community Council was created. Its first meeting was held in May 2019.

Q2 – What is this about 'Olive Lane' shops?

A - The plans comprise retail uses, a gym, offices, restaurants and cafes, a supermarket, a medical centre, community space, a bus hub and residential development, all of which will create a vibrant centre for local people. It is proposed to be developed on around 10 acres of land that sits between the Advanced Manufacturing Park and the site's existing residential area. More information can be found here.

Q3 - When will the GP centre be delivered?
A - The GP surgery will be delivered as part of the Olive Land development. It has its own funding stream from the NHS, and a separate planning application, which was approved in March 2022. The NHS Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group are working Harworth to ensure it is a priority build within Rotherham's' GP services. In the meantime, the GP services which have previously indicated they will move to Waverley is based in Canklow Road Surgery.

Q4 - What will happen to the play equipment in the small park

A - Initially this small park was going to be closed. However, as so many residents commented on the closure and how much their children make use of it, Harworth have listened and it is now part of the plans for Olive Lane. The park remains accessible and is maintained by the Land Trust.

Q5 – Why am I paying a maintenance charge?

A – As part of your decision to buy a house on Waverley you will have been informed that there is a maintenance charge. More information about this charge can be found here.

Q6 - The road outside my house has pot holes, who do I contact?

A – it depends, there are many factors to consider. Who is responsible for your road - is it the developer, Harworth Group or Rotherham Borough Council (RMBC)? Once you have established the responsible organisation using the Residents Information maps on the website, please then use the contact list.

Q7 - Why is the grass on the estate cut to different schedules?

A – again it depends on who is responsible for maintaining the grass on the verges and other open spaces. In some instances, the developer is responsible for the verge until it is passed to the Land Trust or RMBC. Once you have established the responsible organisation using the Residents Information maps on the website, please then use the contact list.

Q8 – Why is the hedge outside my house not trimmed regularly, and why is it cut at a different time to my neighbours?

A – by law hedges should not be trimmed between March and September. This is to encourage wildlife, especially birds during the nesting season. Thus, hedges are usually cut late autumn or early spring. Again, it also depends on who owns the hedges. All developers and home owners are not permitted to remove the hedges for up to five years.

Q9 – When will my road become adopted by RMBC?

A – Roads can only be adopted in Waverley, if the previous connecting road is already adopted. Roads must be put forward for adoption to RMBC after the last house in the developers parcel of land is sold. However, if there are issues with the road – surface/ drainage etc, these must be put right first.

Highfield Lane was resurfaced in the summer of 2022. Adoption has yet to occur as the drains have not been adopted by Yorkshire Water and this is a prerequisite for RMBC adopting the road. The smaller roads off this can then be adopted, so long as the developers make the request.

Q10 – Why aren't there more bins around the Lakes?

A – the street bins are provided by either RMBC on the adopted roads, or LandTrust elsewhere. Residents have asked for bins by the Lakes, which is owned by Land Trust/Harworth Group. Whether this was owned by a private land owner or RMBC the possibility of having a bin near there is highly unlikely. The reason being that to empty the bin there needs to be a road with vehicular access, and there isn't one. Carrying a bin bag full of poo, sharps and anything leaking a long distance is impractical and potentially dangerous for anyone.

There are two official entry points into the open spaces which lead to the Lakes; Catcliffe Gate where Popular Way meets Orgreave Road, and Rivelin Way. Both access points have bins for rubbish or dog waste.

Q11 – Where is the nearest Royal Mail post box?

A – The new box is positioned on the corner of Lescar Road near the super bin. Royal Mail opened it up for letters in the Spring of 2021.

Q12 - What is the speed limit on the estate?

A - Drivers are solely responsible for knowing speed limits on the public highway and adhering to them. As this is a residential built-up area and there are regularly spaced street lamps, the limit is a maximum of 30mph.

Q13 – Why is my cul-de-sac without street lights?

A – In cul-de-sac's with properties of 5 or less, the developer is not under any obligation to provide street lighting. This information would have been in the planning application. However, there is nothing stopping residents from adding an outside light to their property.

Q14 – what can I do about vehicles parking in front of my house?

A – there is no law stopping anyone from parking in front of your house, unless you have a designated parking space, such as one marked for a disabled driver.

Q15 – Who empties the street bins?

A – again this depends where the bin is located. The bins on Stephenson Way and Mitchell Way are the responsibility of RMBC. You can report an overflowing bin to them online.

All the other street bins around Waverley are the responsibly of the Land Trust. This includes the Central Park, Catcliffe ponds, Highfield Square, corner off Highfield Lane near the school, and the dog poo bin off Rivelin Way. If one of these bins is overflowing you will need to report the location on the Enquiry Line: 0300 3230 170 or by email:

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