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The Waverley Community is in Rotherham and lies on the boundary with Sheffield, in South Yorkshire. The Community consists of a new residential and manufacturing development managed by Harworth on the site of the old Orgreave coal pit. It currently contains over 1100 households, which will increase to nearly 4000 the next twenty years. The Council consists of seven Councillors and holds regular Council Meetings which are open to the public. In normal times, the Council meets at the AMP Technology Centre's, in their conferencing rooms.

Waverley has two large lakes, with over 300 hectares of open space to be explored, with a link through the Woodhouse Washlands to Rother Valley Country Park.

Waverley is a growing area with a new school, called Waverley Junior Academy, and a 1.5km park being developed, as well as a bike track. There are plans to introduce a multi-purpose space for retail uses, a gym, offices, restaurants and cafes, a supermarket, a medical centre, plus a community space in the near future.

Chairman and Vice Chairman

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Rotherham Metropolitan Council

Members of Parliament

Alexander Stafford - Conservative, Rother Valley

Sarah Champion - Labour, Rotherham

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